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Legacy applications and business were built for a static, slow-moving, client-server world- that is not the world we live in today. Adoption of the cloud is acceleration as are the mobility demands of our global workforce. A digital, on-the-go world requires anywhere, any device access – is your applocation built for the modern, mobile, any global workforce? It should be.

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Learn how to deliver any app in the Microsoft Cloud with MyCloudIT


The Guide to Deliver your Legacy Apps in the Cloud

In this guide you will learn the benefits, options and felivery methods for migrating your legacy apps to the cloud

  • 4 Benefits of Delivering Your Legacy App in the Cloud
  • 4 Customer Benefits of Delivering your Legacy App in the Cloud
  • Should you Re-write your Legacy App or Deliver it from the Cloud
  • Should you Re-write your Legacy App or Deliver it from the Cloud
  • 3 Methods to Deliver your Legacy App in the Cloud
  • 8 Questions to Think Through as you Develop your Stategy
  • MyCloudIT plus The RDS Solution to Delivering Your App in the Azure

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