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Conexlink, creator of the MyCloudIT platform, was started in 2012 to help IT professionals get to the Microsoft Azure cloud. Today we are excited to help our clients also optimize their cloud costs.


Why MyCloudIT?

At Conexlink, we believe the future of IT is the cloud, the future of the workspace is mobile and achievement of each will unlock productivity and innovation for any business. MyCloudIT platform is created to simplify and accelerate the process of getting every business there.


Who we are?

Conexlink is a Dallas-based SaaS company committed to empowering every business to take advantage of the cost and performance benefits of delivering IT in the cloud. We create automated solutions for moving business Into the cloud -the next wave of IT disruption. The end goal is to help businesses become more mobile, efficient, productive and profitable. Our team moves quickly to solve problems, service our customers with respect and continuously learn and improve based on market feedback


What is MyCloudIT?

The MyCloudIT platform automates the delivery, management and monitoring of desktops, apps and data in Microsoft Azure. Any managed service provider, software vendor, or IT professional can migrate any workload over to the Microsoft cloud today with MyCloudIT.



MyCloudIT deploys remote desktop services on top of Microsoft Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service. We believe this allows for simplified access to the public cloud and more control once there. Conexlink, we’ve built a lot of really cool monitoring and management features to make it easy for you to increase performance and decrease costs. Auto-scaling and auto-scheduler are two key features that simplify management tasks and significantly cut IT costs. All of this is provided in a pay-as-you-go, only for what you use, subscription model.

Why MyCloudIT?

Our company started because we were frustrated by the cost and complexity of setting up our Internal IT network. We realized we could automate the entire process in the cloud savings tons of money and providing flexibility for a mobile workspace. We solved the problem for ourselves and then realized how many other businesses and IT professionals share in that pain and how leveraging the cloud was the future of IT ( no more servers!).

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