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Scale your business and grow MRR in the cloud with a ready-to-go cloud delivery and management platform


MSP’s Opportunities in the Cloud

IT delivery and management in the cloud is the next wave of IT innovation. It is inevitable because the benefits to business are universal: significant cost savings, scalability and flexibility, reliability and security, mobility and productivity. Learn how to gain greater profitability with the cloud.

Insights for Success

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MyCloudIT for Manager Service Providers

Learn how MyCloudIT can help you scale your business and grow MRR in the cloud today


Building a Better Offering

Learn how to effectively bundle your cloud desktop and application offering to maximize profitability for your organization.

  • Understand the cloud opportunity.
  • Identify misconceptions that should not stop your move the cloud.
  • Learn how to effectively define and design your cloud strategy
  • Develop new and improved business models
  • Learn to adopt automation to create greater profitability
  • Identify opportunities with Microsoft Azure and the benefits of
    co-selling with Microsoft to accelerate your business growth.

Are you Cloud Ready?

More and more companies are moving their business to the I cloud to capitalize on performance and cost benefits,

  • Understand the economic motivations & factors
  • Streamline hardware/server upgrades
  • Optimize for security & compliance
  • Account for the needs of your mobile workspace
  • Forecast and optimize for cost consumption across the organization

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