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Choose the MyCloudIT solution that is right for you. We’ve made moving to the cloud a simpler buying journey for you and your firm (versus the one size fits all/cookie cutter from the competition). Run it yourself, need some help in operations or grab the whole enchilada. Drive cost savings and gain new business with the MyCloudIT solution that is tailored for your business skillset.


Resources to Help Get You Started

Check out these guides focused on the benefits of moving to the cloud and how to start optimizing your cloud costs.

Increase Business Productivity in the Modern Workplace

Learn why you should make the move from on-premises infrastructure to public cloud infrastructure.

Deliver Your Legacy Application in the Cloud

Learn key steps to modernize your legacy application.

Leverage the Cloud to Implement a BYOD Policy

Learn how BYOD policies are increasing employer and employee productivity.

Public Cloud Migration Strategy Overview

Learn about the benefits, considerations, and options available to move to the public cloud. Identify key topics to think through as you plan and execute your move to the cloud.

The Managed Service Providers Complete Guide to Cloud Adoption

Learn why and how you can grow your business in the cloud. Increase scale and profitability with a dedicated cloud strategy.

The Complete Guide to Microsoft Azure

Discover the key topics you need to get started or gain additional knowledge in Microsoft Azure.

Understanding Virtual Machine Cost Management in Microsoft Azure

Explore an in-depth understanding of cost management in Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure Reservations: Virtual Machines

Azure Reserved Virtual Machine Instances offer cost savings versus the traditional pay-as-you-go model for paying compute resources.

Identify Key Services to Bundle in the Cloud

One page download outlining different types of services IT service providers can bundle in the cloud to increase overall profitability.

Determine Your Cloud Readiness and See If You Should Move to the Cloud

More and more companies are moving their business to the cloud to capitalize on performance and cost benefits.

Learn How to Determine if You’ve Optimized Your Cloud Costs

Are your Microsoft Azure deployments optimized? Use the checklist to determine if there are additional opportunities.

Cloud Optimization Starts Here

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Stay on top of the latest cloud and IT news, trends, and best practices.

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