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What is COAST?

COAST is a comprehensive solution for cloud cost optimization that employs a team of cloud experts and advanced analytics from MyCloudIT to continuously monitor, analyze, and optimize your cloud expenses. With COAST, you only pay for what you need and use it effectively.


Architecture Reviews

Our team of certified Microsoft Azure experts continuously monitors and identifies misconfigurations and optimization opportunities in real time based on the Microsoft Well-Architected Framework.

Right Sizing

Continuous review of resource utilization to ensure your deployments are appropriately scaled. Optimize the balance between performance and cost.

RI's and Savings Plans

Daily tracking and management of Reserved Instances and Savings Plans utilization. Take full advantage of Azure's cost-saving options.

Cost Anomaly Monitoring

Machine learning helps detect unusual cost spikes and deviations immediately, providing timely alerts and guidance to prevent cost overruns.

Change Tracking

Real-time tracking of changes across your Azure subscriptions triggers proactive cost management. Make sure you are always informed and able to react to unexpected alterations promptly.

Waste Cleanup

Automated detection and cleanup of unused or underutilized resources saves time, ensures a more organized cloud environment, and frees up resources for higher priority projects.

Tag Management

Build and maintain tagging standards that promote security, accountability, and better automation in your cloud deployments. Tagging governance is key to enhanced security and lower costs.

Cost Allocation and Budgets

Access detailed cost reporting and budget management tools. Deeper insights into your cloud budget and cost allocation create better accountability and facilitate future budget planning.

AHB License Management

Continuous management of existing investments in Windows Server and SQL Server Licensing maximizes Azure Hybrid Benefit savings. Add new licenses in minutes when new licensing is required.


What Can COAST Do for You?

COAST goes beyond basic cost management. It offers an end-to-end solution that targets cost reduction and ensures optimal performance, security, and compliance. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and insights needed to harness the full power of Azure while maintaining control and predictability over costs.

COAST is a dynamic and agile solution to the challenge of managing Azure deployments. It's not just about cost—it's about ensuring optimal performance, visibility, and control over your cloud resources. Let us help you transform the way you manage your Azure infrastructure.

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