Same Hosting Services, Different Infrastructure

Automate infrastructure provisioning and management in the Microsoft Cloud

Hosting Service Providers

At MyCloudIT, we’ve heard it all. That is why we developed a turnkey solution for you to simplify hosting customers in Microsoft Azure. Whether you have a small or large hosting practice, we help you future proof your business.

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Streamline Your Cloud Operations

Learn more about how the MyCloudIT platform can help your hosting business increase efficiencies, streamline workflows & build a better cloud for your customers today

What You Should Know About Moving Your Business to the Public Cloud

Learn the benefits, considerations, and options available to move to the public cloud. Moving to the cloud is complex. This guide is intended to highlight key topics you need to think through as you plan and execute your move to the cloud

  • The IT infrastructure Transformation
  • Benefits of the Public Cloud
  • Architecting the Transition
  • Cost Savings, Security & Reliability, and Productivity
  • Workloads that should be in the Cloud
  • Choosing a Public Cloud Infrastructure Provider
  • Monthly Recurring Revenue Opportunities

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