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Move your business to the cloud

$8 per month
per user
  • Simple Deployment

    Move your business to the cloud today

    • Deployed in hours
    • No knowledge required
    • App & desktop access from anywhere
  • Effortless Management

    Management from a single pane of glass

    • 30+ real-time metrics
    • Pinpoint potential bottlenecks
    • Proactively resolve issues
  • Proactive Monitoring

    Monitor real-time performance

    • 30+ real-time metrics
    • Pinpoint potential bottlenecks
    • Proactively resolve issues
  • Dedicated Support

    24×7 support from cloud and Azure experts

    • Database of FAQs and user guides
    • Technical experts on call
    • Remote Desktop Services expertise

Businesses significantly reduce costs in the cloud

  • Eliminate the need for hardware
  • Turn costly CapEx into predictable OpEx
  • Reduce spend on computing, storage, network, security
  • Reduce operational costs, maintenance and upgrade expenses
  • Pay on the go only for what you use

Complete Cloud Pricing Overview

There are three components to consider when pricing out a solution

MyCloudIT Pricing License Fee

  • $8 per user, per month
  • No long term commitment required

Services License

  • $6 per user, per month purchased through MyCloudIT
  • Or bring your own RDS SALS or RDS CALS + SA

Azure Consumption

  • Based on monthly runtime
  • Bring your own Azure or 10% discount off retail through MyCloudIT

Built to Help You Reduce Azure Consumption Costs

Match cost to actual usage

Auto-schedule deployments or VM’s to turn on and off, significantly reducing runtime costs

Scale up and down on demand

Enable your subscription to only use the number of session hosts required to support user

For more tips on saving costs send us an email to, or visit our knowledge base

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Common Questions

MyCloudIT License

This is to use the MyCloudIT Platform to deliver desktops and applications in the Microsoft Cloud.

How can I know my Azure cost?

Your monthly Azure cost is variable based on the number of desktops and applications deployed as well as different customization options. You can estimate your Azure consumption using the Price Calculator during the deployment configuration, and track your usage in real-time with our billing portal inside the MyCloudIT platform.

Office 365 Integration

MyCloudIT provides a simple step-by-step user interface for connecting Office 365 to Azure Active Directory (AD). As the result, Azure AD enables administrators to automatically create and manage user accounts in Office 365, greatly simplifying the user onboarding and account maintenance experience.

Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service: The MyCloudIT platform leverages Microsoft Azure infrastructure to deliver IT services in the Public Cloud. Your monthly Azure cost is based on the number of desktops and applications deployed as well as different customization options.

Azure Subscription

No. You can bring your own Azure subscription (BYOA) and pay for Azure consumption under your subscription with Microsoft. Or, you have an option to purchase an Azure subscription and pay for your Azure consumption in the MyCloudIT platform, along with the MyCloudIT license fee.

Can I do a combination of remote desktops and applications?

Of course! You have full flexibility to offer cloud streamed desktops or individual applications. Pick and choose from applications to deploy/bundle from the MyCloudIT marketplace.
Let us know your needs, and we’ll bundle it up for you!

RDS Subscription Access License

Microsoft requires all service providers to have a RDS SAL to allow authorized access to hosted RDS environments.

Additional Licenses

Yes, you are required to purchase Remote Desktop Subscription Access License (RDS SAL) and specific application licenses to have access to the hosted Office services. Again, you can either bring your own licenses (BYOL) with no incurred cost, or purchase directly from the MyCloudIT platform during configuration

Understand License Fee

The MyCloudIT license fee is the cost to use the MyCloudIT platform to deploy, manage and monitor remote desktops, remote applications and virtual machines in Azure. It does not include Azure consumption costs, RDS SAL, or costs associated with licensing other applications. The MyCloudIT license gives you access to the MyCloudIT platform, where you can benefit from easy deployment, price optimization, real-time monitoring as well as 24×7 support. You can find the full list of MyCloudIT features here.

Payment method

We accept all major credit cards for pre-authorized monthly billing. No long term commitment, just pay us by the month and cancel at any time. If you would like to prepay or pay us another way, please contact us at


Absolutely, and we mean 24/7 support! When you pay for MyCloudIT license, you have access to our support documentation and Azure experts. You can review our support policy here.

For advanced Azure support as well as sales and marketing consultation, you can either go to the MyCloudIT Marketplace in our platform or contact us at for more information.

How can I become a distributor, and what are the benefits?

MyCloudIT distributors get access to MyCloudIT license discounts, and a white-labeled administrative portal. Distributor partnerships are for Tier 1 & 2 Microsoft CSPs, ISVs, and strategic resellers. If you are interested in a distribution partnership, please contact

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