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Top 7 MyCloudIT Features We Can’t Wait to Share with You

By Heather Robinette

Over the past few years, MyCloudIT has provided unparalleled support and expertise to help IT professionals move their business to the cloud by automating the delivery of Remote Desktops and Remote Apps in Microsoft Azure. If you’re curious, you can read more in our “What We Built for You” blog that provides an overview of what we offer and how it works. That said, while we continue to help customers move to the cloud, we have started seeing our customers face challenges with being able to gain visibility into their cloud spend and optimization. After listening to our customers and our peers in the industry, we decided to build the next generation of MyCloudIT to help our customers manage their cloud.

We are excited to share some of our top features with you. The next generation of MyCloudIT is a multi-tenant management platform that simplifies cloud deployments, streamlines cost optimization, and enhances cloud management. The platform provides recommendations for security, cost, high availability, and performance to optimize your cloud deployments. The automation and management can be done from a single pane of glass to also save you time on top of the cost savings. With the development of WVD, we will also offer comprehensive deployment and management capabilities as well.

Here are our Top 7 Features:

1. Optimizing Azure Spend
You will receive recommendations tailored to you to help optimize your Azure spend, and we make it easy to implement those recommendations, so you won’t need to be a Microsoft Azure expert. One of the biggest reasons why Azure costs can get out of control quickly is due to resources not being properly managed. If you have resources that can be turned off at the end of the workday, then you can save money by scheduling them to be turned off at the end of the day. Our customized recommendations will give you personalized advice on your cloud spending.

Optimization Strategies
We will also be able to offer optimization strategies that fit your deployments. MyCloudIT will identify the best long term fit for VM instances by reviewing these optimization strategies.

- Right-Sizing helps ensure you are using the correct VM size and aren’t overpaying for resources. Microsoft continues to release new VM sizes, so it is easy to forget to revisit your VMs, especially if nothing else is wrong. In reviewing resource utilization vs. capacity while also factoring real-world feedback from users and future growth/changes, the appropriate VM size can be selected. Right-sizing is the most accurate when your historical data can be analyzed.

- Azure Hybrid Benefits provide an OFF switch for the Windows OS cost that comes with the hourly cost of a Windows VM in Azure. When flipping this switch, you are essentially declaring that you will be bringing your own approved Windows Server license, Windows OS with Software Assurance, or subscription. Based on an analysis, this can offer long term cost savings versus the Pay-as-you-Go model.

- Reserved VM Instances also offer long term commitments that can provide discounted pricing. By committing to using a specific VM type for 1 year or 3 years, you receive a discounted price for the use of that VM from Microsoft.

2. Auto-scaling
Auto-scaling is the same great feature from our current version, but we now offer the ability to optimize your auto-scaling to ensure you are getting the most out of it. You can achieve a balance between resource capacity and actual needs to reduce Azure runtime costs. MyCloudIT will analyze the usage patterns and availability to make recommendations. If Auto-scaling is paired with the Scheduler, you can create additional savings. By optimizing auto-scaling, your MyCloudIT infrastructure will have the ability to start and stop additional session hosts in your infrastructure based on user demand.

3. Recommendations

Tailored recommendations for your business according to your needs, will help reduce your overall cloud spend. Reducing your cloud spend is accomplished by identifying mismanaged resources, eliminating waste, reserving capacity for higher discounts, and rightsizing computing services to scale. While the cloud does indeed hold immense potential, it is important to pay attention to cloud cost optimization to ultimately save on costs. Our recommendations will provide best practices and guidance on optimizing your cloud deployments and improve the performance, security, and reliability of these resources while doing so.

4. Multi-Tenancy

You will now be able to manage multiple customers or departments from a single pane of glass. By allowing you to share resources across multiple customers, you’ll be able to save on your overall costs. Even though they are sharing resources, the customers’ data is kept separate and confidential. Multi-tenancy introduces new savings by reducing development and deployment costs. It also simplifies your company’s IT operations since all your customers are managed from a single pane of glass.

5. Windows Virtual Desktop Deployments

You can deploy in minutes and have secure anytime, anywhere, any device access to cloud-hosted desktops in Microsoft Azure. You can manage multiple deployments for basic to complex environments and be able to choose from any Azure data region located around the world. You will be able to simplify and speed up the process of deploying, managing, and auto-scaling Windows Virtual Desktops using MyCloudIT.

6. Remote Desktop Services

Manage any RDS deployments and easily migrate over to Windows Virtual Desktop, if desired. We understand that some of our customers aren’t quite ready to move to WVD, so we will continue to offer the same great support for RDS. And if/when you are ready, we can assist with the migration to make it as seamless as possible for you.

7. Integrated Support Workflow
Using our integrated lite ticketing system means you can easily keep track of tickets and set up an easy to use workflow. This ticketing system was designed so that recommendations for certain features can be assigned and executed without having to track them manually. For example, a recommendation regarding a security recommendation would be assigned to a specific team member that is adept at dealing with it. Our system isn’t meant to replace ticketing systems altogether but rather provide a greater sense of structure and organization.

We are incredibly excited about the next generation of MyCloudIT and can’t wait to share more with you in the coming months!

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