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MyCloudIT unifies cloud management for IT Operations, Accounting, and Business Operations by simplifying and automating fragmented IT deployment and management tasks.

  • Simplify

    Cloud Deployments

    Manual, routine, and time-consuming tasks are simplified and automated to provide all the benefits of the cloud without the headaches.

  • Streamline

    Cost Optimization

    Develop an ongoing and real-time cloud cost optimization strategy that reduces cloud costs and increases centralized decision-making.

  • Enhance

    Cloud Management

    Gain greater visibility across all users and seamlessly manage resources to drive better decision-making and faster implementation, all from a single pane of glass.

What Makes MyCloudIT Different than Everyone Else?

MyCloudIT has been automating workloads in Microsoft Azure since 2014. We were born into the Microsoft Cloud and continue to create innovative solutions that help streamline the deployment and management of Azure workloads. Back in 2016, MyCloudIT created a solution to help IT professionals move desktops and apps to cloud faster with Remote Desktop Services automation. In 2020 and into the future, it’s no longer just about moving to the cloud. IT professionals need a solution to manage resources more effectively, optimize for performance and cost, and gain more visibility across cloud deployments to maintain a healthy cloud environment. Now from a single dashboard, the typically siloed departments of Business Operations, IT Operations, and Finance + Accounting can all gain better visibility and insight into cloud operations.

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Purpose Driven Solutions for All Sizes

It doesn’t matter what type of business you are or how many users you have, MyCloudIT can provide you
with an easy to use platform that simplifies the delivery, automation, management, and optimization of
cloud workspaces, apps, and data in Microsoft Azure.

Service Providers

Automate and deploy in Microsoft Azure in less than 90 mins without cloud expertise.

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Software Vendors

Delivery your application in the cloud without rewriting a line of code.

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Hosting Providers

Offer a public cloud hosting solution with intelligent cost management capabilities.

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SMB – Enterprise

Replace on-prem environments with a simple infrastructure solution in Microsoft Azure.

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