Lean IT is Back!

Simple | Predictable | Scalable | Secure  Automate IT Management Tasks.

The MyCloudIT platform automates deployment, management, and optimization actions for Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop and Remote Desktop Services with minimal clicks. Within minutes you can provision new deployments, manage users and backups, and set autoscaling policies that will drive significant cost savings.

Predictable. Eliminate Surprises in Cloud Costs.

Simple | Predictable | Scalable | Secure Eliminate Surprise in Cloud Costs.

Better cost visibility + optimization best practices = predictable monthly Azure invoices. MyCloudIT helps you sleep better at night knowing your deployments are always optimized for profitability and cost savings.

Scalable. Maintain flexibility as Your Needs Change

Simple | Predictable | Scalable | Secure Maintain flexibility as Your Needs Change.

Moving to the cloud unlocks limitless scalability, but dynamically changing environments can be challenging to manage. Whether you are a CSP expanding your cloud customer base, an ISV looking to offer cloud streaming apps, or an enterprise looking to scale hybrid work, MyCloudIT MyCloudIT provides ultimate visibility and optimization as you grow.

Secure. Extend Next Gen Cloud Protection

Simple | Predictable | Scalable | Secure Extend Next Gen Cloud Protection.

IT Security has never been more important…or challenging. If you are looking to sharpen and strengthen the security of your cloud resources, the MyCloudIT team can help. With tailored solutions that maintain protection as new threats evolve, MyCloudIT can become an extension of your team.