MyCloudIT unifies cloud management for IT Operations, Accounting, and Business Operations by simplifying and automating fragmented IT deployment and management tasks.

Simplify Customer Management

Manage and support all users with real-time monitoring and reporting from a single dashboard.

Delivering Your Legacy Applications to the Cloud Just Got Easier…

Launch a cloud-based offering of your application within 90 mins without writing a single line of code. Your application will have the same functionality, but can now be accessed anywhere and on any device.

Our turnkey solution can help deliver your application in the cloud without any cloud expertise and there is no upfront costs or minimum user requirements.

Purpose Driven Solutions for All Sizes

It doesn’t matter what type of business you are or how many users you have, MyCloudIT can provide you
with an easy to use platform that simplifies cloud management and automates critical IT tasks.

Service Providers

Automate and deploy in Microsoft Azure in less than 90 mins without cloud expertise.

Software Vendors

Delivery your application in the cloud without rewriting a line of code.

Hosting Providers

Offer a public cloud hosting solution with intelligent cost management capabilities.


Replace on-prem environments with a simple infrastructure solution in Microsoft Azure.

Client Testimonials

Learn how others are finding success with the help of MyCloudIT.

Make the Move to the Microsoft Cloud today with MyCloudIT

We provide the tools and support team to make it super easy to move desktops and applications to the cloud.