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Here Are Some of the Benefits of Cloud Computing Automation

By MyCloudIT
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Cloud Computing: The Benefits of Automation

Around 60% of all corporate data now exists in the cloud, while nine out of ten enterprises have adopted a multi-cloud infrastructure. But how do these businesses run and manage their virtualized environments? Through automation!

By automating a cloud set-up like Microsoft Azure, you can deploy, operate, and scale cloud infrastructure, apps, and services, which boosts business productivity. Learn more about the benefits of cloud computing automation below.

What Is Cloud Automation?

Cloud computing automation involves streamlining the operation and management of a cloud environment through automation tools. That reduces or eliminates time-consuming and error-prone tasks when managing your virtualized set-up.

Take a cloud computing platform like Microsoft Azure. While this technology effectively hosts databases in the cloud, improves cloud security, and improves data modernization, navigating Azure can be complex and require an extensive IT team to complete cloud-based tasks. Azure automation will free up your internal resources and help you get more value from the platform.

Automating cloud computing might involve:

  • Using automation and scripting tools to monitor performance in the cloud and manage resources
  • Automating tasks with tools such as Azure Functions and Azure Automation (if you use Microsoft Azure), which can improve recovery, backup, and patch management
  • Automating the deployment of virtual machines instead of carrying out this task manually

Before automating your cloud environment, define which tasks and workflows to automate and the tools you will use. Creating an automation framework with templates and scripts for automation will help you achieve your internal goals. Monitoring your automation processes is also essential to ensure everything is working properly.

Here are some of the benefits of cloud computing automation.

Streamline Processes and Reduce Manual Labor

Automating cloud computing streamlines laborious tasks, reducing workloads for your IT team. Your team members can focus on other areas of your business instead of manually provisioning resources, such as storage and network infrastructure, and spend time on more fulfilling, productive tasks.

With the best cloud automation tools (such as Azure Automation for Microsoft Azure), you can automatically customize resources such as firewalls and balancers based on internal policies. That increases cloud security and frees up resources for hard-working team members. You can also automatically scale resources depending on your business use case rather than your IT team spending time on this task. The result? Cloud automation tools do all the heavy lifting, making life easier for your staff.

Increase Efficiency by Reducing Errors and Increasing Accuracy

Cloud automation tools take care of many tasks associated with cloud computing, reducing human error. That can result in more successful cloud strategies that lead to business growth. The best tools automatically track cloud resources and services and produce reports about the health of your virtualized set-up. You can even receive real-time notifications when tools identify issues that might jeopardize your cloud environment, such as a potential cybersecurity event.

Cloud automation tools can be more accurate than human monitoring, helping you observe your cloud infrastructure without manual intervention. By spending time fixing issues rather than detecting them, you can improve security outcomes and prevent problems from impacting your organization.

Scalability and Flexibility

Rather than manually scaling cloud resources up and down, automation tools do all the hard work for you. These tools automatically provision resources based on your business requirements, allowing you to scale your organization on demand. That guarantees cloud services and apps are available when you need them.

Cloud automation tools also automatically configure your virtual environment according to your personal requirements, which increases flexibility. Investing in automation will ensure the quality of your cloud infrastructure and help you generate more value from your technology.

Reduce Costs of Hardware and Software

Automating the cloud can prevent you from over-provisioning resources such as virtual machines, which, in turn, can reduce hardware costs. By automatically scaling resources on demand, you avoid paying for long-term software licenses you don't need. For example, you can scale resources up when necessary and scale down again instead of paying extra software costs for the entire year.

The cloud, in general, can also save you money by virtualizing hardware. No longer will you have upfront costs for servers, data centers, and networking resources because a cloud host provides this equipment for you in the cloud. Instead of keeping hardware on-premises, you pay a cloud provider a monthly licensing fee for their services.

Enables Faster Deployment of Applications

Automation speeds up the deployment of cloud applications by making them more standardized and reliable. You can use cloud tools to make your deployments follow the same rules, improving consistency. These tools also allow for continuous delivery and integration, making application deployment more effective. For example, you can add new features to applications in a quicker timeframe.

Automation can also scale applications, enhancing deployment objectives. You can make sure apps perform correctly, even when demand is high.

Final Word

Automating a cloud set-up like Microsoft Azure brings multiple benefits to your organization. You can reduce hardware and software costs, improve scalability and flexibility, deploy applications quickly, streamline processes, reduce manual labor, eliminate human errors, and increase accuracy.

MyCloudIT helps IT teams, MSPs, and ISVs get more value from Microsoft Azure virtual desktops and apps with native tools. Contact us as an existing or new customer, and learn more about the benefits of cloud automation!

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