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4 Cool Facts about Microsoft Azure You Didn’t Know

By Heather Robinette


Ever wonder how Microsoft Azure got started or what the “Microsoft Cloud” really looks like? Today we have 4 cool facts about Microsoft Azure we’re going to share, including some videos to really give you an idea of what the “cloud” looks like in a physical sense.

Fact #1: Project Code-Name was Project Red Dog
The original project for what ultimately became Microsoft Azure was a project code-named “Project Red Dog”. Azure was announced in Oct 2008 and released Feb 1, 2010 as Windows Azure. It was later renamed Microsoft Azure on March 25, 2014. 

Fact #2: Currently in 140 Countries and Counting
There are currently 54 regions worldwide with 140 datacenters in 140 countries (and counting). Azure currently has more global regions than any other cloud provider and has no intention of slowing down. You can check their website for updates on regions currently available and announced regions. You’ll notice several announced locations across Europe, UAE, and South Africa. From the map, you’ll also notice a few Azure government locations that are undisclosed. Microsoft continues to try to win over the DoD.  

Fact #3: Microsoft Azure Cloud is Huge!
The Microsoft Cloud is very, very large. It is connected by enough fiber to stretch to the Moon and back 3 times! As you can imagine, that means the Microsoft Cloud is made up of millions of servers and everything is monitored 24x7x365. A majority of the Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft Azure. The best part is the global infrastructure is 100% carbon neutral.  

Fact #4: 44% of Microsoft Datacenter Energy Comes from Wind, Solar, and Hydropower
On the note of being 100% carbon neutral, Microsoft states that about 44 percent of their datacenter energy comes from Wind, Solar, and Hydropower. Microsoft is also aiming to increase that figure to 50 by this year. 

Microsoft has built one of the most-connected commercial cloud networks in the world.

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