The Attack on MSP’s/CSP’s from Abroad

According to cyber security experts and firms that specialize in all aspects of cyber security, Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) and Cloud Service Providers (CSP’s) are today under a constant attack from sophisticated threat actors of Asia and other hostile countries. With on-prem solutions/installations becoming more of a rarity these days and MSP’s/CSP’s owning the responsibility of a larger and larger amount of the overall business data, the ransomware attacks are of increasing at a alarming rate. And, with multiple MSP’s/CSP’s being hacked every week, MSP’s/CSP’s need to fortify their IT policies, systems and infrastructure as soon as physically possible.

Have you Reviewed Your Cloud Spending?

Here are some reasons why you should consider reviewing your cloud spending now

  • Resources

    Idle resources can easily create wasteful cloud spending

  • Right-Size

    Right-sizing can help alleviate overprovising or underutilized resources

  • Reservations

    Unused reservations can cause unneeded cloud spending

Using Cost Optimization to Enhance Cyber Security

Cost optimization platforms do not have a wide usage stance in the market as of today, but given the cyber security threat that is staring MSP’s/CSP’s in the face today, now is the time to secure Azure savings today (and for future cloud business). So free up the needed capital through the implementation of the MyCloudIT cost optimization platform and put together an impenetrable IT environment against sophisticated hackers.

About MyCloudIT

MyCloudIT is continuing to innovate and develop solutions focused on helping you run your business as efficiently as possible in Azure. By enabling you to better manage your clients, we help deliver consistent results and costs across your client base. Better management, cost optimization, autoscaling, and reporting deliver a dramatically more manageable public cloud experience.

Reach out today to see how the MyCloudIT platform or engaging how Cosant can improve and enhance your cyber security profile. Both entities will positively impact your business and benefit you as your client’s IT provider.

To schedule a live demo or for more information please send us an email at or give us a call at (972) 218-0740.Cosant is a vendor-neutral security consultant that helps its successful MSP/CSP clients who are concerned about compliance and regulatory requirements being passed onto them by their customers. We help our clients reduce their anxiety about exposing themselves and their stakeholders to security incidents, thereby reducing the risk to their brand, reputation and income.

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How to Start Saving Today

Learn how Autoscale can have an immediate impact on your savings, as well as your long-term profits

  • Immediate Savings

    VMs don't always need to run 24x7, see immediate savings by turning them off and on when needed.

  • Autoscale Savings

    Customers are saving 60% a month with Autoscale, which means increased profits for you or your customers

  • Additional Savings

    Reserved Instances and Hybrid Benefits can help you maximize your savings even more

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