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Have You Reviewed Your Cloud Spending?

Here are some reasons why you should consider reviewing your cloud spending now:

  • Resources

    Idle resources can easily create wasteful cloud spending

  • Right-Size

    Right-sizing can help alleviate oveprovising or underutilized resources

  • Reservations

    Unused reservations can cause unneeded cloud spending

What is Cloud Cost Optimization?

Cloud cost optimization is the process of reducing your cloud spend by right-sizing, eliminating cloud waste, identifying resources that are over or under-utilized, and reviewing reservations to match capacity needs. Additionally, Cloud cost optimization is not only about finding the right balance between cost and performance but continuing to maintain it moving forward to ensure your savings continue.

What Else Should I Consider?

Getting the assessment is only the first step. If you would like additional expertise, the MyCloudlT team would be happy to assist you.

  • Implementation

    Limited internal resources can slow the implementation process down and you may want immediate cost savings

  • Realizing Savings

    Once your team is past the learning curve, it can still take some time to implement, especially if this isn't the only project

  • Determining Savings

    Before starting, you'll need to create a baseline, which can take additional time and knowledge

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