Uncover More Cloud Savings in 2021

See how real customers have been able to save 50-65% in Microsoft Azure costs with Advanced Autoscale in MyCloudIT.

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Have you Reviewed Your Cloud Spending?

Here are some reasons why you should consider reviewing your cloud spending now

  • Resources

    Idle resources can easily create wasteful cloud spending

  • Right-Size

    Right-sizing can help alleviate overprovising or underutilized resources

  • Reservations

    Unused reservations can cause unneeded cloud spending

What is Autoscale?

Autoscale is the process of allocating resources to match performance and capacity requirements while minimizing costs. Typically, this is an automated process that is set by policies or rules so you do not have to continually monitor the performance and it can manage itself. As users demand more resources, the autoscale feature is able to maintain the desired level based on the policies and as demand decreases, it can de-allocate those resources to help reduce costs

How to Start Saving Today

Learn how Autoscale can have an immediate impact on your savings, as well as your long-term profits

  • Immediate Savings

    VMs don't always need to run 24x7, see immediate savings by turning them off and on when needed.

  • Autoscale Savings

    Customers are saving 60% a month with Autoscale, which means increased profits for you or your customers

  • Additional Savings

    Reserved Instances and Hybrid Benefits can help you maximize your savings even more

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